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  • Bryon Harris

Murderous Chanteuse– ‘Made of Candy’

Murderous Chanteuse is an indie pop artist with a distinct sound you will love. Emerging from her indie rock roots as Jennifer Hill and Co., Murderous Chanteuse is the newest take on Hill’s music displaying her love and passion for all things pop. Murderous Chanteuse is currently working on a new album dedicated to everything that brought her into the world of pop. Her single, “Made of Candy,” is a great teaser to what's coming nest.

Starting off with a big sound and high energy, the synth driven production immediately engages listeners from the start of the song. After a brief distorted synth riff accompanied by percussion Murderous Chanteuse enters singing, “He’s so sweet made of candy he so dandy knocks me off my feet and he’s my sugar baby I think maybe we’ll make some heat.” Her voice blends perfectly with the production creating a truly stellar electro-pop vibe. As the song progresses, the arrangement builds with additional synths and melodic fills that keep the song engaging.

“Made of Candy” embodies all that is great about pop with Murderous Chanteuse’s channeled passion, frustrations and feelings about being in love. The chorus is everything you would want and expect from a pop jam. Entering with explosive instrumentals as the vocals sing, “Take me in cauterize my heart previous sin turned on the incinerator/Take me in to a place inside /where I can feel you breathe /oh feel you breathe,” Murderous Chanteuse offers up catchy melodic phrasing that is sure to stick with you.

Take moment to check out a music video from Murderous Chanteuse!

The newly reincarnated Jennifer Hill as Murderous Chanteuse is off to a strong start with tunes like “Made of Candy,” which will be on her up coming EP. There is no doubt that there will be many more songs to look forward to in the future. Her music is available for fans to purchase via iTunes. For more information on Jennifer, visit her webpage.

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