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  • Bryon Harris

Ryan Zimmerman – ‘For the Meek’

Ryan Zimmerman is a singer/songwriter out of Long Beach Island, NJ. Dedicated to his craft of songwriting and live performances, Ryan began his music career on the Jersey Shore. He draws influence from early roots performers and guitar players and singers of today. Ryan has spent a lot of time touring in support of his new EP titled, ‘Ephemeral as a Kiss.’ Off this EP, his song “For the Meek” is a great way to introduce yourself to his music.

The song begins with a brief intro with a funky guitar progression accompanied with accents from percussion. After a brief pause, the instrumentals kick back in for the start of the first verse with the addition of an engaging bass line. The arrangement has a reggaetón influence pairing up perfectly with Ryan’s vocals as he enters singing, “Leaving Something behind for the future generation/ Seek and ye shall find the freedom from your frustration/ On The Streets the warriors rise up in contemplation, to take down the weak and reside in their, former habitation.”

“For the Meek” is a song representing the current political spectrum from the view point of an ordinary man and the need for his “nice guy” culture to be celebrated and not walked over. Transitioning into the chorus, the instrumentals shift to a more up-beat vibe as Ryan repeats, “For the Meek, they need someone to bear their soul,” creating a memorable moment in the song. After the second chorus of the tune, we shift to a stellar instrumental break with a compelling guitar solo that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Ryan Zimmerman shows that he is a talented, and diverse musician in his new EP ‘Ephemeral as a Kiss.’ His song “For the Meek” is just one of his distinct tracks from the project. His music is available on iTunes as well as CD baby and bandcamp. For more information on Ryan, visit his website.

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