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  • Bryon Harris

Caroline Ferrante – ‘Better Angels’

Caroline Ferrante is an alt Americana artist out of Chicago. At Northwestern University she studied theatre and voice which fueled her passion for music. In 2011, she opened for the Birds of Chicago and played the leading role in “Rain Follows the Plow: A Dust opera.” By June 2014, Caroline produced her first original CD through Cabbage Run Records. Now she is working on collaborating on film projects with producer Austin Bello. Her song “Better Angels” from her ‘SKY’ project showcases her talent as a musician.

The song kicks off with substantial energy with an engaging instrumental arrangement paired by backing vocals that give the simple arrangement a big sound. The mix is crystal clear allowing each element of the arrangement its own spotlight. As the intro transitions into the first verse, the instrumentals back off leaving just guitar as Caroline’s vocals enter. Singing, “You say I’m the Devil/You’re a Savior to me/The demons you wrestled /Stayed offa me,” Caroline’s voice sends shivers up your spine with an immaculate tone and emotive phrases.

“Better Angels” reflects on Caroline’s past home struggles and her survivors guilt after losing her sister to cancer. To Caroline, this song is an offering to let go. In the chorus she sings, “No guardian wings were there for our release/I know that what he did to you is what he did to me/I pray Better angels set you free,” making an emotionally intense moment in the song and creating an unforgettable music experience.

Caroline Ferrante is an undeniably talented vocalist with heart-wrenching songs that will establish a deep connection with her and her fans. “Better Angels” is just one song to rave about from Caroline. Her music is available for purchase via bandcamp. For more information on Caroline, visit her website.

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