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  • Bryon Harris

The U.S. Americans - 'King Someday'

The U.S. Americans are a stellar group of musicians with a distinct sound. Featuring Jeff Weiss (vocals), Roy Abraham (guitar), Dan Deychak (Bass) and Emerson Williams (Drums), the quartet boast their sound as Progressive Psychedelic Punk. Weiss and Abraham had always been friends but were in different musical circles until a musical project brought them together to create The U.S. Americans. The bands lineup was solidified in 2016 with the additions of Emerson and Dan. They are now unleashing their debut album titled, ‘Greatest Hits,’ taking a collection of songs that the band members have long had in their heads and finally putting them together creating the identity of The U.S. Americans.

Off their debut album, the song “King Someday” is the perfect way to introduce you to the musical experience the band provides. The song beings with a melodic, grooving progression from bass and guitar. Soon, the drums enter slowly building up to the entrance of the first verse. The instrumental arrangement is enticing, grabbing your attention right from the start. In distorted spoken work the vocals enter with, “Preaching from the starship of the professor,” with a rhythmic groove that fits perfectly with the instrumentation.

“King Someday” is about the aspiration to live like a king. As the song progresses, the percussion calms down as the guitar riff provides a smooth transition into the chorus. Entering the chorus, the vocals switch to a more melodic flow saying, “Hey, I’m gonna be a king someday/ no you say I’ll see you at the end of the day.” With an addicting and edgy sound, “King Someday,” will have you hooked on The U.S. Americans through killer instrumental solos and vocals.

Take a moment to check out their music video for the song!

The U.S. Americans boast a unique sound that is intriguing and easy to listen to. Their song “King Someday,” is just one of their amazing songs off their project ‘Greatest Hits.’ For more information on the band or to purchase their music, visit their website.

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