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  • Bryon Harris

Robbing Johnny – ‘Bodega Vegan’

Robbing Johnny is a stellar band based out of NYC. They put on high-octane theatrical shows drawing influences from Americana, hip-hop, folk, and rock. Recently, they released their debut album titled, ‘Cold March,’ along with a story companion. The album follows the story of an outsider moving to New York. From the album, their song, “Bodega Vegan” is the perfect introduction to their musical style.

The song kicks off with a booming bass accompanied by kick and snare with accents of guitar as the intro develops building towards the first verse. The arrangement boasts a hip-hop infused rock sound that makes it easy to groove along. Entering the first verse, Pat raps, “6 o clock I’ve been drinking with my friends, passing round this whiskey I just want this shit to end,” with relaxed tone, smooth flow, and poetic bars that are guaranteed to impress. The arrangement builds up and the vocals get more intense as they lead up to the chorus.

“Bodega Vegan” is a song about white privilege, gentrification, and drunkenly eating. Transitioning from the verse into the chorus, the arrangement explodes with a distorted guitar progression, slamming drums, bass, and accents of horns. The vocals then enter singing, “Well there's a little bodega on down the street/and they make a Philly Steak with some seedy meat, yeah/but, I always get it when I'm drunk/You know I wouldn't ever get it any other way/Cuz I'm a motherfucking vegan every other day/But, I always get it when I'm drunk,” showcasing top-notch vocals through a truly unforgettable chorus.

Take a moment to check out a music video from the band!

Robbing Johnny is a must-listen-to group with a professional sound that will leave a lasting impression of the band. “Bodega Vegan” is just one track to get addicted to from their debut album ‘Cold March.’ Their music is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on Robbing Johnny, make sure to visit their website.

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