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  • Bryon Harris

Resilient – ‘Slack’

Resilient is a femme-driven modern rock band out of Philly. Featuring Erin Fox (guitar/lead vocals), Katie Fox (drums/vocals), Alicia Dickerson (bass), and Lennon Cantwell (lead guitar), the group was born out of several other projects after a series of unfortunate events. Resilient draws from a wide array of influences from grunge, punk, and progressive-pop music to create their distinct sound. Resilient is a testimony that music can propel and empower you through hard times. Their song, “Slack,” off their project ‘How to Peach’ is a shining example of how they do so.

The song starts with light percussion holding the beat soon accompanied by a funky guitar lick. After a few bars the drums play a fill leading into a rocking groove as the guitar is layered with higher octave accents and bass. The arrangement is truly engaging, captivating listeners from the get-go before leading into the first verse. Entering singing, “What do you think you'd see /Without a history? /And if your slate was clear /What do you think you'd fear?” Erin showcases her pure vocal tone through eerie melodies.

“Slack” touches on the social struggle to be truly comfortable in your own skin. Specifically, this song was written for the “people pleaser.” Transitioning from the verse to the pre-chorus, the arrangement transitions from its melodic groove, to a rocking jam. In the chorus they sing, “Cause you're everything /To everyone you know /You're somebody new /Everywhere you go.” With stunning vocal melodies and an entrancing instrumental arrangement, “Slack” is a memorable music experience that will stay with you leaving a lasting impression of Resilient.

Take a break to check out a music video by Resilient for their song “I’m Onto You”

Resilient perfectly demonstrates their ability to create quality music with relatable themes in “Slack.” This is just one of their song from ‘How to Peach’ that will have you falling in love with their sound. Their music is available for fans to purchase on their bandcamp page. For more information on Resilient, visit their website.

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