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  • Bryon Harris

Randy Steele – 'Hideaway'

Randy Steele is a charismatic Americana/Bluegrass artist based out of Chattanooga, TN. Being the frontman and banjo extraordinaire for award winning band Slim Pickins Bluegrass, Randy has held legendary live performances on some of the Southeast’s most prominent stages. Randy has written many traditional bluegrass songs that received lots of airplay, he had a desire to mix in other musical influence that wouldn’t trend with traditional bluegrass lovers. Randy then began his own solo project titled, ‘Songs from the Suck’ encapsulating these influences. His song “Hideaway” is the perfect introduction to his new sound.

The song kicks off strong with a nice full arrangement fronted by a melodic guitar line. “Hideaway” has a unique arrangement featuring mandolin, slide guitar, and of course banjo creating an engaging arrangement with many subtle elements that make the instrumentation memorable. The arrangement settles as it transitions into the first verse and Randy enters singing, “I am/A simple piece of land/Made of stone and sand/The passing winter rains/Flood the streams that are my veins” showing off his stellar vocal tone.

With poetic lyrics, “Hideaway” is written from the perspective of a mountain ridge close to Randy’s home in TN. Randy writes about the mountains perspective on time in the chorus as he sings, “There’s a hole in heaven/Where time begins to fade/And an hour is the same/As a minute or a day/And there ain’t no place to run and hide away.” The song progresses featuring an instrumental section after the second chorus with a wailing, twangy guitar solo before transitioning back into the mesmerizing melodies of the verse.

Randy Steele is seasoned musician and he proves it with the stellar songwriting of “Hideaway.” This is just one fantastic tune from his project ‘Songs from the Suck.’ Fans can find his music via iTunes, Google Music, and Apple Music. For more information on Randy Steele, or to purchase his music, visit his website.

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