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  • Bryon Harris

Pooleboyjr- ‘Rip Ham’

Pooleboyjr is a killer hip hop artist out of Detroit, MI. Fans love him for his unique flow, punchlines, delivery, word play, and charisma. He released his most popular mixtape titled, ‘Lemme Light My Blunt 4,’ in 2016. This was his first mixtape with all original production. After gaining admiration for his first single off the tape, “Godzilla,” Pooleboyjr has now released his second single, “Rip Ham” which will have you hooked on his sound.

The song starts off with Pooleboyjr hyping up the track accompanied by an arrangement of ambient piano, bass, and strings. Once the beat drops, the sub bass and drums immediately get you engaged with the instrumental. Starting off, Pooleboyjr raps, “I Go Rip Ham with the 32/Rip Ham with the 32,” showcasing his addictive vocal tone before going off. “Rip Ham” is a play on former Detroit basketball player Richard Hamilton (Rip Ham) who wore the number 32, and in the song Pooleboyjr kills it for 32 bars straight.

Pooleboyjr proves that he is passionate about his music in “Rip Ham” showing prowess as a wordsmith with an incredible flow, and witty lines that will get you pumped all throughout the song. Right off-the-bat, Pooleboyjr raps, “Believe in me like you believe in God/ I'm here to even the odds/Bubble silently and then blow I took the game by surprise/You see the swag in my walk /You see the pain in my eyes/My niggas straight out the zoo/ It ain't no taming them guys,” boasting his undeniable talent and hard image that leaves competition in the dust. Pooleboyjr makes himself the focus of the song with a vocal forward mix allowing you to catch every word clearly, which makes him stand out among rappers in this era.

Take a moment to check out the music video for "Rip Ham"

Pooleboyjr is an undoubtedly talented artist with the drive and passion to make something of it. With this being his first project with all original beats, I look forward to what more is to come from Pooleboyjr as his fan base continues to expand. His music is available for fans on all music streaming platforms. Be sure to check out Pooleboyjr’s Instagram page for more news.

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