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  • Bryon Harris

Jonathan Townes – ‘You Are the Reason for Everything’

Jonathan Townes is an American multi-instrumentalist, audio-engineer and gifted rock musician. He attended the Berklee College of Music, and later came out with his first professional release titled, ‘Glossolalia.’ Moving to NYC, Jonathan started playing gigs and working as a recording engineer. Since, he has produced nine projects for his Giglaeoplexis record label. Jonathan’s song ‘You Are the Reason for Everything,’ will introduce you to his expertly crafted sound, having you fall in love with his music.

The song begins with a crackling, distorted guitar that gradually builds into the base of a soundscape. It is built upon with the addition of acoustic guitar creating moments of unique dissonance and tension before the instrumental arrangement breaks into a fuller sound with hints of electronic production combined with percussion and bass. The soundscape progresses with the addition of a string section creating a captivating, cinematic sound. The first half of this seven-and-a-half-minute composition does well to capture the feeling Jonathan has for the US West Coast and trigger those emotions in listeners.

Seamlessly, the instrumental transitions into a softer more somber piano fronted arrangement with light hints of percussion. The song then becomes a duet between piano and vocals as Jonathan enters singing, “I can't recall/Just what I need/But when we fall/I see what you mean to me/About all the days/Those places we dream/You are my life/The reason for everything,” showing off his emotional timbre. Split into three separate vocal sections divided by riveting instrumentals that will leave listeners in awe, “You Are the Reason for Everything” will keep you entertained from beginning to end.

Jonathan Townes is an innovative musician with a distinct sound that musicians will rave over. “You Are the Reason for Everything” is just one example of his passionate work. Fans can purchase his song via his cdbaby page. For more information on Jonathan, visit his website.

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