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  • Bryon Harris

Laini and the Wildfire – ‘Wandering’

Laini and the Wildfire is a stellar pop rock trio out of New Haven, CT. Featuring Laini Marenick (keys and lead vocals), Mark Marenick (Bass, guitar, and back-up vocals), and Rob Siraco (Drums and back-up vocals), the group creates an edgy sound with a pop sensibility that is easy to fall in love with. The band has exponentially grown in popularity since their 2016 debut EP, which was ranked the #5 album of the year by Cygnus Radio. Their newest album, ‘Wandering,’ showcases just why the trio is garnering so much attention.

The album has an energetic start with the title track of the album, “Wandering.” Kicking off with a staccato piano progression, the vocals enter immediately, and you are taken over by Laini’s powerful, emotional tone. Percussion builds up slowly during the verse in anticipation for the chorus. The arrangement opens up for the chorus as she enters singing, “Should I be running/or can I keep wandering.” The chorus is extremely catchy with an engaging melody making “Wandering” an unforgettable start to this album.

Next up is the upbeat track “Copilot.” Laini and the Wildfire have an undeniable talent for creating unforgettable tunes, and with this captivating arrangement “Copilot” is no exception. From bouncy, energetic performing in the chorus, to the softer moments in the bridge you will be absorbed in the bands’ sound from start to finish. “Copilot” is a tastefully dynamic song with hit-potential, making it a great addition to the album.

Following up next, “Bricks In The Water” changes up the mood with more somber tones. Starting off with a melodic piano progression, Laini soon enters singing, “On my chest I bear a weight that will not bend to the shape of my future/and in my hands I hold the past and my mistakes,” with a vocal tone that will send shivers up your spine. “Bricks In The Water” adds a great change of pace to the album and helps to showcase a different side of the band.

Laini and the Wildfire show their songwriting prowess with the next track, “All The Love In The World.” The song is about how sometimes it’s not enough to give someone all the love in the world if they’re to blind to accept it because they’re constantly feeling sorry for themselves. Singing, “You could have all the love in the world but your no fun, my sad and lonely one,” over upbeat instrumentals, Laini and The Wildfire create an interesting dynamic that makes this song a unique music experience.

“Good Night is Not Goodbye” is a powerful ballad that will have fans infatuated with Laini’s voice. Accompanied by a gentle piano progression and minimal production, Laini’s voice is the main focus as she lulls listeners with a lush, warm tone showing off the lower register of her voice. The song has a slow build up leading to strong vocals that will take your breath away by the end of the song.

The “Wandering” album touches on themes of past regret, future hopes, and fear of change. The song “Thunder,” is about having a sudden epiphany that you need to make changes in your life and the relief you feel in life once you commit to those changes. With a jamming instrumental and Laini’s layered vocals, “Thunder” delivers a message that will connect with any listener, leaving a lasting impression of Laini and the Wildfire.

“Outside The Norm” starts with a syncopated piano progression soon joined by a soulful vocal melody as Laini sings, “Are we young, or are we just immature.” “Outside The Norm” is a distinct memorable track off the album with epic transitions from soulful, rhythmic verses to smooth, melodic choruses. Followed by the song “Sound Of Change,” these two additions to the album showcase the many influences that Laini and The Wildfire draw from and their dynamism as musicians.

Closing the album, the song “Sunday,” works as a great send-off song. The song takes you on an exciting musical journey beginning as a heart-wrenching duet between piano voice, then slowly building into a powerful piano-fronted rock ballad. Laini makes this track shine with a spectacular vocal performance complete with low, sultry melodies and soaring belts that will have you wishing the album was not coming to an end.

‘Wandering’ is a stand-out album proving the passion, and drive Laini and the Wildfire have for creating a wholesome music experience for their fans. Each song has potential to stand alone as a top-notch single, leaving listeners with plenty of memorable tunes that will be stuck in their head. The ‘Wandering’ album is available for purchase on this page. For more information on Laini and the Wildfire, visit their website.

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