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  • Bryon Harris

Sergio & the Satin Dogs – ‘Roses’

Sergio & the Satin Dogs are an acoustic/soul group you won’t want to miss out on. The group takes an acoustic soul sound and adds trumpet, sax, electric guitar, upright/electric bass, and drums creating their own distinct sound. They are currently working on their project, ‘Under a Crowded Sign,’ which is going to have 3 parts. Off part one, their song “Roses” is sure to leave a lasting impression of their innovative music.

The intro beings with a grooving acoustic guitar chord progression that is soon joined by accents of electric organ, light percussion, and a melodic, growling sax. The smooth, soulful intro transitions seamlessly into the first verse as a funky bass lines leads in the vocals. Singing, “Don't you know, I wouldn't go, Nowhere without your love /Cause you've seen me lately, wandering crazy like I've lost a piece of my soul,” they showcase dynamic melodies with raw, emotional vocals. The verse continues to build and progress towards the chorus with the addition of layered trumpets in the arrangement.

“Roses” is about being so focused on the distractions in life, that you forget to slow down and take in everything around you. In the chorus they sing, “But I have not smelled the roses, life's been composing, it's been all about you /And I'm weary and faded, from painting my faces, holding my façade,” creating a memorable music experience with a captivating vocal melody. “Roses” entrances listeners from start to finish featuring a killer instrumental section with engaging solos that will have listeners falling in love with their sound.

Sergio & The Satin Dogs deliver top-notch music with a distinct sound that that you will never forget. “Roses” is just one of their songs to rave about from their 3 part project. To learn more about the group, or to purchase their music, make sure to visit their website.

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