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Simone Nicole – ‘Hello’

Simone Nicole is an independent singer/songwriter out of Dallas/Fort Worth known for her stunning vocals. She began singing at a young age and joined her first band in 2004. As she got older, she self-taught guitar and grew an interest in songwriting. In 2008, Simone started playing at open mic nights which quickly expanded to her playing regularly at coffee houses, restaurants, bars, country clubs, and house parties. After releasing her first EP in 2011, Simone began playing large venues and her popularity continued to grow. Now, Simone has released her self-titled, first full-length album. From the album, her song “Hello” is sure to be a fan favorite.

“Hello” kicks off with high energy with a pick up from drums shortly followed by the entrance of bass and a captivating guitar progression. The engaging arrangement draws you into the song immediately, uplifting your spirits the moment the guitar enters. Simone starts the first verse singing, “Who am I, but a girl, who's 2,000 miles away from where you are/And you are just a boy, who's never quite left my mind,” showcasing her pure vocal tone with infectious melodies.

“Hello” written about being in a long-distance relationship and reminiscing on the time you had your first hello. In the chorus she sings, “Just like the night we exchanged our first hello's/It took about a day for me to be hooked on your beautiful words/And then a week later when I started tripping all over my feet,” with an addictive rhythmic bounce that make it a memorable experience before transitioning into an instrumental break. The song continues to progress, adding lush vocal harmonies and changes to the arrangement. “Hello” will keep listeners humming along from start to finish with stellar vocals and instrumental accompaniment.

Please take a moment to enjoy a music video by Simone!

Simone Nicole has a strong passion for songwriting that shows in the quality of her music. With songs like “Hello,” she is sure to continue to garner more attention. Her new album is available on iTunes. For more information on Simone, visit her website.

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