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Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show - ‘Episode 10 Good Heartbeats Grow A Fonder Love’

Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show ‘Episode 10 Good Heartbeats Grow A Fonder Love’ offers everything the heart could desire from uplifting break-up songs to longing love songs. Viewed on 66+ channels across New York, Nashville and Los Angeles, Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV show is in heavy rotation. Episode 10 is sure to impress with its line-up of talented artists.

First up on this episode is the Doug MacDonald Band with their song “Lights On” from the album ‘Lightning Head.’ The video features a roller-coaster and vivid colors symbolizing an emotional ride as well as live performance. Starting off with a melodic guitar riff accompanied by drums and rhythm guitar, the intro slowly progresses into an explosive jam leading to the entrance of the vocals. The arrangement combined with the vocals has a raw timbre giving the band a great live sound. During the chorus they sing, “Turn off the lights/we have emotion,” with a simple memorable melody. With exciting instrumental sections “Lights On” from the Doug MacDonald band is sure to please.

Following, is Sarah Ragsdale hailing from New Brunswick, NJ. In the video, Sarah shows that she is a natural in front of the camera. Her song, “This Kiss” from her album ‘Whimsical Romance’ features light, bubbly melodies that are sure to uplift your spirits. With a nice arrangement of piano, drums, accents from strings, and a horn section paired with Sarah’s warm vocals, “This Kiss” has a top-notch sound that you would expect to hear on the radio. Singing, “This kiss is on my list/Your touch incredible edible/I want a love like this/If you wanna know what I’m looking for, it’s in your kiss,” Sarah’s is sure to leave a lasting impression with her infectious melodies.

From Miami, Florida, Matt LeGrand takes the next spot with “All Good.” Shot on a sandy beach, Matt enters center stage wearing all white. The video shows different scenes of Matt having a great time on the beach playing guitar, working out, surfing and singing. He steals the camera with killer appeal. The song kicks off with a synth progression, after a brief intro the drums lead into the first verse of the song. As the track begins to build, Matt enters singing, “Keeping to myself now/Keeping my emotions down/I know you said you need time alone/That you don’t need me around,” showing off his bright, smooth vocals and pristine pop sound. As the song progresses to the chorus the arrangement continues building with additional elements. The beat alone is addictive enough to attract fans and when paired with Matt’s stellar vocals “All Good” shows promise to become a fan favorite.

Next is The Winter Sounds hailing from Nashville, TN. Their video is instantly artistic and mesmerizing with interesting shots that depict various elements of the song's lyrics. The song “Heartbeats” from their album ‘Maximum Reality’ features stunning vocal arrangements that will hook you to their music from the start. The song opens with a ping-pong synth that then evens out as the vocals enter singing, “Long ago, there were voices in the clouds like a living wind.” Layered synths gradually creep into the background creating a lush soundscape your ears will fall in love with. The arrangement progresses throughout the song eventually sprouting into an energetic mix of vocals, synths, drums, and horns. “Heartbeats” will not disappoint with memorable vocals, poetic lyrics, and an engaging instrumental arrangement.

Judith Owens follows with “Send Me A Line” from her album ‘Somebody’s Child.’ Judith's video is highly entertaining. It commences with Judith pouring her heart out and agonizing over an email she is sending and ends on a very comical note in the form of a reply from the recipient. Judith does well as an actress and gets you hooked. The song starts off with a brief, energetic piano introduction before the start of the first verse. The simple arrangement of piano, bass, and minimal percussion put the focus on Judith’s powerful vocals. Each verse tells a story of her unsuccessful communications with potential lovers, which is then followed by chorus singing, “Oh buddy won’t you send me a line, I’m dyin’ here.” This unforgettable tune paired with a comedic, fun video is a recipe for success.

Wrapping up, Van Gordon Martin from Boston, MA uplifts spirits with his reggaetón sound. Many artists use animation these days for video and this is one of the best we've seen. The animation is superb. Every visual inch is candy for the eyes. His song “Let It Grow” leads in with an epic drum fill that is joined by a soulful guitar progression as Van Gordon enters singing, “Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow, got the music in my soul.” His laid-back vocals and instrumental arrangement make for easy listening that anybody can groove to. Unlike the other songs featured in this episode, “Let it Grow” isn’t about ones’ own heart, but healing the heart of humanity.

To learn more about Bongo Boy Records, visit their website.

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