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  • Bryon Harris

Wally Zooted – ‘Livin Like This’

Wally Zooted is a young, aspiring Hip-Hop artist out of NY. Wally has been writing his own songs and rapping since the age of 15. Originally, he was using his music to clear his mind, but once he began to recognize his talent, he began to take things more seriously. Now, he is working on a new project and looking for venues to perform at. His latest single, “Livin’ Like This” showcases his talent as an emerging artist.

The beat starts off with a choppy, melodic synth that gives a four-bar intro before the percussion drops in and Wally begins hyping up the track. “Livin Like This” is about how Wally is tired of living life regularly. He doesn’t want to work a 9-5, so he raps about taking the next step with his music and living the dream. The song starts off with the chorus as Wally raps, “Finna get my riches up real fucking quick/Living like a movie star cinema shit/Going check to check I'm done living like this/Attitude on sassy, sarcastic don't give a shit.

Wally has a unique tone and catchy rhymes that are sure to get you addicted to his music. With an energetic flow, his verses bring life into the song as he ebbs and flows with the production rapping, “I'm on the come-up mother fucker are you rolling with me/My vision expands beyond what eyes can see/I picture a yacht sailing on open seas/Damn that's the life ya boy about to achieve.” The production is infectious from the second the bass drops, and once combined with Wally’s killer flow there is no doubt you will be hooked on his sound.

Wally Zooted is making a strong first impression as an up-and-coming indie artist with top-notch songs that are undeniably addicting. “Livin’ Like This” is a perfect introduction song and good way to begin building his image as a hip hop artist. For more information on Wally, check out his page.

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