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  • Bryon Harris

The Local – ‘Dawn Wall’

The Local are an indie-folk group to look out for hailing from San Diego. The band is composed of Scott Walsh (guitars, vocals, harmonica), Amy Day (keys, guitars, vocals, accordion), Neal Hedegard (guitars, bass) and Ray Daniels (drums). On their latest album titled ‘Mission Trails,’ the quartet draws influences from punk, jazz, and world beat to create their distinct sound. From this project, the first track off the album titled “Dawn Wall” introduces their stellar sound.

Beginning with an eerie, melodic electric guitar progression, the intro builds steadily as additional layers of instruments join in creating a smooth arrangement that will entrance its listeners. With a clean mix, each instrument bolsters the arrangement giving a professional sound. The intro glides seamlessly into the first verse as they enter singing in harmony, “If you tie me to the rock/if you steel me to the granite/then I'll stay with you tonight /where the mountain meets the sky/and the silence meets the sunrise /it's a long way down tonight,” the melancholy timbre adds to the mood set by the instrumentals.

“Dawn Wall” was inspired by rock climbers, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, who recently made history by free-climbing the Dawn Wall of El Captain in Yosemite. The song uses their achievement as a metaphor for any two people that share aspirations with another. This is shown during the hook when they sing, “or will you come to me with the urgency of a climber/will you remind me that I told you I'd follow you anywhere /I'd follow you up the Dawn Wall.” The captivating instrumental arrangement combined with hypnotizing vocals are sure to make this a story that you won’t forget any time soon.

Take a moment to enjoy a music video from the band!

The Local leave a lasting impression with their riveting instrumentals and poetic songwriting. “Dawn Wall” is just one of their tracks from their album ‘Mission Trails.’ Their music is available for listeners on Spotify. For more information on The Local, visit their website.

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