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  • Bryon Harris

Queens County Roots - 'Vintage'

Queens County Roots is a dynamic roots rock group out of NYC, formed by musicians Marlon Hurt and Alex Fedorow. Both musicians were previously working on other projects and in early 2017 decided to take those influences and combine them creating Queens County Roots. Combined, Jenna Hanlon (lead vocals)Marlon Hurt (guitar, vocals), Lyndol Descant (keyboards, vocals), Alex Fedorow (bass), and Chris Glover (drums), the band creates a rhythmic, uplifting sound is aimed towards getting people up and moving. Their recent release “Vintage” showcases the bands talent making it a great way to introduce yourself to their sound.

The song starts off with the pulsing of a kick drum as vocals enter singing, “Ooooh, darlin’,” and gradually build up towards the first verse. With a drum fill to lead in, the full arrangement enters displaying a grooving guitar progression backed by bass and accents from keyboard. They enter singing, “When this ol’ world is bothering us /And the damn thing won’t let us move /I say ‘oooh, darling,’ drop that needle deep into that groove,” displaying energetic vocals with fun melodies and growling tones as the verse steadily progresses towards the chorus.

“Vintage” was inspired from memories of Marlon as a child disappearing into his fathers’ record collection. In the chorus they sing, “The wire’s hummin’ Everyone wants somethin’ from us /But not tonight, dear, tell them not tonight, dear,” with addictive melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head. Along with killer verses and a catchy chorus, “Vintage” also features a solo section with wailing guitar riffs that will have you hooked on their sound.

Queens County Roots deliver a top-notch electric blues sound that is easy to fall in love with and jam out to. With the release of “Vintage” the group shows promise with more to come. Their music is available for fans on their Bandcamp page. For more information on Queens County Roots, visit their website.

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