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  • Bryon Harris

Diva in a Yellow Tank – ‘Lost & Found’

Diva in a Yellow Tank is a unique band with a sound that will take you on a journey through the 60’s to the 80’s. With a wide range of influences both retro and modern, Diva in a Yellow Tank takes elements from psychedelic to post-rock music creating their distinct sound. Their song “Lost and Found” from their self-titled project is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the group.

The song starts off with a grooving bass line, then the drone of synths creeps in, and not before long the drums come in accompaniment. The intro builds gradually into the first verse creating an entrancing arrangement that will have you jamming along with the band before the vocals enter. Then, lead in by a fill from the drums, the vocals enter singing, “Come back, come back, into the sky/Go back for one more try,/Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” The vocals are the icing on the cake adding attitude to the song as they change from a distorted filter to cleaner more melodic tone.

Diva in a Yellow Tank want the meaning “Lost & Found” to be interpreted by their fans and listeners. For the band, it is more about creating a style and sound than a specific story to follow. Moving forward, the arrangement progresses, switching up and building as it leads into the chorus. With a smooth transition they sing, “What we gotta do to shoot this down/Gotta stop messin’ around/Maybe go search in lost & found/Gotta go break the speed of sound.” With engaging musicianship featuring mesmerizing arrangements and killer synth solos combined with unforgettable vocal melodies, “Lost & Found” makes for a lasting music experience.

Diva in a Yellow Tank bring back a nostalgic sound that you will fall in love with. Their song “Lost & Found” is just one energetic track to look forward to. Their music is available on Spotify and iTunes for fans. Be sure to keep an eye out for more releases from Diva in a Yellow Tank.

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