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  • Bryon Harris

Old Man’s Money – ‘This City’

Old Man’s Money are an indie-rock band out of Los Angeles. The four-piece powerhouse is half British and half American blending a wide variety of musical influences to create their signature sound. The group has already performed at some of LA’s top venues including The Viper Room, Whisky a Gogo and The Silverlake Lounge. Their single, “This City,” is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the sound that everyone is falling in love with.

The song kicks off with a chord progression on electric guitar accompanied by a grooving bass line and energetic percussion. Soon the arrangement is joined by a wailing lead guitar playing a melodic riff that smoothly transitions from the intro to the first verse. The intro immediately captivates listeners and gets them rocking along right from the start. Starting the verse, the lead guitar fades out as they enter singing, “This city could be heaven/If god forgot to pay his bills/Girls round every corner/living fast, living for the thrill.” The vocals are edgy and emotive building up momentum throughout the verse with powerful vocalizes and phrases.

“This City” is about dreaming of moving away and things being better, but upon arrival realizing that things are not always how they are made out to be. In the chorus they sing ‘She was looking for paradise, a new beginning /With dreams of the big time, what was she thinking,” portraying the theme through somber melodies. The arrangement keeps listeners on their toes with transitions from high octane instrumental sections, to softer moments in the chorus, and intense verses. With heart-wrenching vocals accompanied by killer instrumentals, “This City” is sure win your vote.

Old Man’s Money bring an energetic, emotional performance with each song they deliver. “This City” is no exception leaving more to be desired in the future from this dynamic group. Their music is available for fans via iTunes, Amazon, and other major digital media markets. For more information on Old Man’s Money, visit their website.

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