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  • Bryon Harris

Todd Barrow – ‘Guadalupe River’

Todd Barrow is a country artist out of Texas that focuses on creating the best possible music experience he can for his fans. Todd was discovered by Texas hall of fame artist Sonny Burgess who has connections with Charley Pride and Randy Travis. Collaborating with other great writers is one way Todd of gains new inspiration and progresses his music. His song “Guadalupe River” off his project ‘Texas Country Nation’ showcases his passion for his art and desire to deliver quality music.

The track kicks off with a lead in from the drums before breaking into an energetic arrangement featuring a melodic guitar riff accompanied by chords from rhythm guitar and an engaging bass line. The intro transitions smoothly into the start of the first verse. Each instrument sits in its own pocket of the mix creating a crystal clear, professional sound. This is only bolstered when Todd enters for the first verse singing, “Sunny day feelin’ lazy/Time for fun and getting crazy/Finshing rod in her tube and a cooler,” displaying smooth vocal lines with his bright tone. The verse then gradually builds energy moving towards the chorus.

‘Guadalupe River’ is about getting through the typical work week and heading to the river to relax. In the chorus he exclaims this singing, “Think I'll drink me a cold one/baking in the hot sun/floating down the river catching a buzz with my friends/yea its been a long week time to let my troubles go/take it fast take it slow on the Guadalupe River.” With a memorable chorus, easily relatable themes, and an infectious sound, ‘Guadalupe River’ will not disappoint.

Todd Barrow delivers a top-notch sound that is sure to bring him notoriety from country music lovers all around. “Guadalupe River” is just one song to look forward to from his project ‘Texas Country Nation.’ His music is available for fans via iTunes, Amazon, and other mass digital music distributors. For more information on Todd, visit his website.

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