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  • Bryon Harris

I-Maa-Ra – ‘Ten Feet Tall’

Courtney Mark Anthony Stewart, aka I-Maa-Raa (meaning “I see the Light”) is a reggae artist that began his musical journey in St Thomas, Jamaica in the mid 80’s. After migrating to Kingston, he began recording and releasing several singles. I-Maa-Ra has worked with names such as Dean Fraser, Ibo Cooper, Barry O'Hare and Mikey Bennett. Having gone through a personal transformation, I-Maa-Ra is ready to unleash his full and true potential. His song “Ten Feet Tall” from his project ‘The Truth Defender’ is the perfect way to introduce his sound.

After a funky pickup, the production kicks off with high energy and a big sound as I-Maa-Ra vocalizes showing off his soulful tone. Switching from a big soulful sound to a more rhythmic groove, the arrangement transitions into the verse smoothly. He then enters singing, “Never let the system get you down/Never let it make you wear a frown/You’ve only one life to live/So your best shot you’ve got to give,” taking you over with his upbeat melodies and intoxicating sound.

“Ten Feet Tall” is all about overcoming your obstacles no matter how tall they stand in front of you. In the chorus he sings, “Ten feet tall/I’m standing ten feet tall/Standing ten feet tall/Standing ten/Above them all.” With a memorable melody and lovely accents from background vocals, this tune is sure to stick in your memory and uplift your spirits.

Please take a moment to check out this killer music video from I-Maa-Ra!

I-Maa-Ra has a polished sound that will easily attract listeners. “Ten Feet Tall” is just one of his tracks to fall in love with off his project ‘The Truth Defender.’ His music is available for fans via bandcamp. For more information, visit his website.

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