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  • Bryon Harris

Divining Rod – ‘Love Come Tumbling’

Divining Rod is an Americana/Folk-rock project born from multi-instrumentalist Miyuki Furtado. With help from guitarist Patrick Harmon, the duo creates a unique sound combining elements of soul and psych-rock. Their EP 'Hemlock Blues/Love Come Tumbling' gives listeners excitement for what is in store for the duo. Their song, “Love Come Tumbling” is a great way to introduce yourself to their sound.

The song begins with a rhythmic finger-style guitar riff that leads gracefully into the first verse. With the entrance of bass and kick drum, the arrangement begins to build creating a lulling tone. Simultaneously, Miyuki enters singing, “Storms are raging upon your shore/Heart is hanging up on your door /Brother’s singing ‘Hold On Hope’ /Love come tumbling down,” showing off his pristine tone with mesmerizing melodies.

The song has four separate vocal sections divided by killer instrumental progressions that each end with the line “Love come tumbling down.” The lyrics for the song were inspired by a dream that Miyuki had combined with a stellar jam session. With each build in the arrangement, Miyuki and Patrick boast their instrumental prowess. After the third verse, the song breaks into an epic instrumental break with a gradual build that winds back down into the final verse singing, “Blood’s escaping from your heart /That’s the wound in the sweetest spot /Mother’s singing ‘Light Of Love’ /Love come tumbling down.”

Please take a moment to check out Divining Rod's outstanding music video!

“Love Come Tumbling Down” is an entrancing tune that is sure to captivate listeners. Divining Rod is off to a solid start with their project 'Hemlock Blues/Love Come Tumbling Down.' Their music is available for fans on iTunes, Amazon, and other major digital music retailers. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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