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  • Bryon Harris

Brendan McMahon – ‘Fridays In December’

Brendan McMahon is a singer/songwriter and guitarist making his debut under his own name. Formally known as Satellite Gods, Brendon recorded and released two albums titled ‘Falling To Earth,’ and ‘Marker 7-58.’ Now, he is preparing to release his first album under his own name titled ‘On This Fine Occasion,’ which is due to come out later this year. His song, “Fridays In December” from his ‘Universalist’ EP showcases Brendan’s seasoned talent an artist.

"Fridays in December" begins with a distorted drone with ambient vocals giving a glimpse into the hook of the song. As the intro continues, the finely composed soundscape builds in the background, adding new harmonics. With a pick-up from the drums, the arrangement opens up with melodic electric guitar riffs and a grooving bass line.

Entering the first verse, the arrangements softens with an addition of acoustic guitar, complimenting Brendan’s tone as he sings, “Memories, simple, as the words of a song/Take me back to a time when I was young/Life was so simple, with our hands up in the air/Riding through streets without a care.” With a boost in energy, the song then transitions to the pre-chorus. “Fridays In December” was inspired by memories of youth and the freedom and music that lead up to Christmas. This ties perfectly with the lyrics of the chorus with Brendan singing, “Friday’s in December, memories are strong/A feeling in the air, hear familiar songs /Christmas it’s almost here… it won’t be long/Friday’s in December, went on and on and on.”

Brendan shows crafty songwriting with an engaging arrangement and progression with his song "Friday's in December." This uplifting and memorable song is one to play in every season. We hope to hear more great tracks from his up-and-coming album ‘On This Fine Occasion.’ His music is available for purchase on iTunes. For more information on Brendan and is music, visit his website.

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