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  • Bryon Harris

Music Illness Cash-machine - 'Gun Runner'

Alejandro Moreta Sánchez started his musical training at the Conservatory of Music of Malaga on the trumpet. Although he never liked the trumpet, but he was told by his teachers that, because he lacked a finger on his left hand, he wouldn’t be able to play piano or guitar. This never stopped Alejandro. As a child, he composed on a Casio SK-1 and then as a teenager, he played on a Yamaha PSR-550 keyboard.

Eventually, defying his teachers, Alenjandro taught himself how to play the piano and the rest is history. Today he is a prolific song-writer. In this first album, Alejandro collaborated with friends under the group name Music Illness Cash-machine. Their first album, ‘Off the Road’ has many influences including classical, contemporary, soundtrack, folk and country.

Off the album, the song “Gun Runner” is a great way to introduce yourself to these unique and gifted artists. Performed by Alejandro Moreta Sánchez on piano and Henri Gonzalez on vocals, guitar and percussion, "Gun Runner" opens with a short intro of delicate acoustic guitar interspersed with well-phrased electric guitar riffs and single notes hammered on the keys. The music then pauses and bursts into a full piano score with a strong classical feel. The bass line on the piano drives the song forward and never lets go of the energy. The classical composition and world rhythm elements are very distinct. Overall, the instrumental arrangement is simply stellar and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Gonzalez starts the first verse singing, “He said run / Boy get a gun / go get a gun / gotta get some fun / gonna run run / God is a gun Run run / run with it." Gonzalez has excellent articulation in his vocals and a great timbre for indie/alternative music. "Gun Runner" is meant to evoke emotions as you listen. It is less about a story and more about a feeling. “Like a voice in a deep dream: Swimming upstream. Coming up clean.” The lyrics are poetic and interesting, up for interpretation. Both musically and lyrically, the song will entice you to listen multiple times. Equally mesmerizing is the duo's video:

In a musical landscape where there is so much predictability, Music Illness Cash-machine shoots fresh air into the scene with "Gun Runner." The classically influenced composition, compelling lyrics and musical artistry are top rate. To learn more about the group or purchase the album, please visit them on Bandcamp.

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