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  • Bryon Harris

Venus Theory – ‘Echo’

Venus Theory is an up-and-coming Future Garage/Post-Dubstep duo based in the Midwest. With a fresh take on Bass music, the duo is quickly gaining popularity and grabbing well-earned attention with their innovative production methods. Working out of their state-of-the-art home studio, the members share a strong musical chemistry each contributing their own unique elements to create a fluid sound. Their song, “Echo” off their ‘Nightwalker’ EP (pt. 1) is a prime introduction to their sound.

The song begins with a humming drone, accompanied by ambient static and a distant synth melody in the background. Soon, the arrangement is greeted with unique percussive sounds that create an entrancing beat

A thumping bass then enters along with the vocals for the start of the first verse singing, “Places in time/Followed by a voice/Am I out of my mind?/How could I be such a fool?/I listened to a voice that was nothing but cruel.” The vocals have a light, relaxed tone that blends smoothly with the production. Upon reaching the second section of the first verse, the arrangement begins to build in anticipation for the chorus.

“Echo” is about leaving a bad relationship, looking at what has been left behind and growing as a person. Transitioning to the chorus, the arrangement explodes with energy with the addition of lead synths giving the production a huge sound. Shifting to a more powerful tone, in the chorus they sing, “I've been meaning to let you know/That all I really want is for you to just go/Leave it all behind/Because I don't have the time/To hold your hand, to help you understand.”

Venus Theory's instrumental progression paired with their addictive vocals is sure to have you wanting more. With an innovative sound that is fresh on the scene, Venus Theory is an exciting group to watch for. “Echo” is just one song off their EP that will have you hooked on their sound. For more information on the band, or to purchase their music, please visit their website.

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