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  • Bryon Harris

Madison Grace – ‘Lost at Sea’

Madison Grace is an aspiring pop artist out of Mobile, Alabama. Having a strong passion for music, she began songwriting at the young age of 14. By age 17, she recorded and released her debut album titled ‘Equilibrium of Contradiction,’ featuring 10 originals. Now while studying at The University of South Alabama, Madison is performing the local scene as much as she can. Her single “Lost at Sea” from her debut album is the perfect introduction to her sound. "Lost at Sea" was produced by Madison's good friend, Chris Duncan who is also out of Mobile, Al.

The song starts off with an energetic, crunchy synth melody accompanied by a thumping bass line and kick drum. After the first 4 bar phrase, the full drum beat enters building up

towards the first verse.

Her big produced sound is just what you’d expect from a killer pop tune.

Entering the first verse, the arrangement pulls back, dropping the lead synth and revealing softer piano chords giving Madison's voice the spotlight. She enters singing, “We've been lost at sea can't find what we need no feeling in our hearts/We're tired of dreaming about being grandprix it's torn our souls apart,” showing off her brilliant tone as she sings through memorable melodic lines. The song picks up energy as it transitions to the pre-chorus, then leads us seamlessly into the next verse.

“Lost at Sea” is about tuning out the negative aspects of society and finding a way to positively reflect on yourself. In the chorus she sings, “We might be lost at sea slowly drowning but we will persevere /We might be lost at sea slowly drowning but we will persevere.”

Madison will win over a lot of fans with her clean vocal tone, meaningful music and addictive production. “Lost at Sea” perfectly showcases her top-notch sound. Fans can find her music via all major online music retailers. For more information, visit her website.

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