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  • Bryon Harris

FXRRVST – ‘Road To Nowhere’

FXRRVST (pronounced forest) are an indie-alternative duo out of Toronto. Formed by Holly Forrest and Matthew Fuentes, they began playing together in 2015. They do their best to be a charitable and environmentally conscious band, making all of their merch eco-friendly and donating a percentage of their earnings to international charities. They pay a lot of respect to their fans and wish to share whatever success they have with the ones who helped them get it, especially helping those out in need. Their song, “Road to Nowhere,” from their album ‘MAY XXVI’ showcases their pristine sound.

the layered guitars shining light on the vocals as the enter singing, “take me down this road to nowhere/and you can watch me fall /you can watch me.” The clean mix helps to showcase the crystal clear, bright vocals that will get you entranced in their sound through engaging melodies. Transitioning into the next section, the arrangement is amplified with the addition of bass, percussion, and background vocals. In the final section of the song, the arrangement slows down as they repeat, “Slow and steady I can’t hear her/Slow and steady take me nearer/Slow and steady move me forward.” From here, the song builds up into an explosive arrangement before backing off and bringing the song to an exciting end.

FXRRVST are sure to impress with their enticing sound and beautiful yet simple arrangements. “Road To Nowhere” is just one several amazing tracks from their 9 track project, ‘MAY XXVI.’ The project is available for purchase via Bandcamp. For more information on the duo, visit their website.


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