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  • Bryon Harris

Christian Cordan – ‘Beyond The Stars”

Christian Cordan is a contemporary R&B artist powerhouse. In addition to being a musician, this multi-talented artist is also a passionate photographer, videographer, graphic designer, model and actor. Originally from Arkansas, Christian incorporates a strong southern influence while keeping his sound unique with his own distinct flair. Christians single “Beyond The Stars” is a fantastic showcase of his undeniable talent.

The song begins with a simple synth melody that is soon joined by Christian singing, “Taking off.” After this line, the song literally begins to take-off as the production arrangement grows with additional synths fading in creating anticipation as the song builds towards the first verse.

When the sub bass drops, Christian enters singing, “I feel your body/Getting real close/And it’s so warm/Let’s make a toast/Up to the life/Because it feels nice/Turn off the light/And turn up the lights/Touch the Stars in the room,” showing off his crystal clear, soft tone as he sings through smooth melodies.

“Beyond The Stars” is all about love and expressing your feelings. In particular this is a story of a man trying to express the magnitude of his love, saying that they can travel “beyond the stars.” The track eases back on the last lines of the verse creating an exciting drop as he enters the chorus singing, “Blasting off/Up we go/Beyond the Stars/Past the Moon/Nobody/Knows where we are.” During the chorus Christian boasts his vocals with glistening high notes that are sure to swoon listeners.

“Beyond The Stars” will have you entranced from start to end. Christian Cordan is an artist to look out for with tracks like “Beyond the Stars.” With his many passions, there are numerous ways for him to be discovered. To keep up with Christian be sure to visit his website. For fans, his music is available for purchase on iTunes.


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