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  • Bryon Harris

CardiactheGhost – ‘Fishtrap Pt. 2’

CardiactheGhost is a progressive artist out of Dallas, Texas. Creating his own unique sound, Cardiac combines elements of hip-hop, rock and jazz. His sound has allowed him to quickly gain popularity in the Dallas music scene. The soothing quality of his music has landed him features on, CoSign Magazine and more. On his newly released LP titled 1%, he blends various styles of singing and rapping to iconnect with his listeners on an emotional level. His song “Fishtrap pt. 2” is the perfect showcase of his music and what you can expect from his new LP.

​​The song kicks off with a trippy piano progression manipulated with effects accompanied by synths, giving the track a unique and stellar sound. The arrangement comes to a halt as a voice enters saying, “Is this thing on” before dropping back in with the addition of percussion. Soon Cardiac enters rapping, “Never ever slept, never ever give up on your goals, it’s a long road.” After his first line, the bass drops adding more depth to the arrangement.

“Fishtrap Pt. 2” is all about chasing your dreams and never giving up. As the song progresses, Cardiac changes up his flow showing off his dynamic sound and boasting his versatility as an artist. As the song gets closer to the end, Cardiac switches to a singing section where he displays his ability to create memorable melodies with a nice relaxed vocal style. The song runs a quick 2:16 making it perfect for radio play or as an introduction to his talent and music.

CardiactheGhost is sure to attract attention with his unique style. “Fishtrap Pt. 2” off of his new LP titled, 1%, is just one of Cardiac’s sure hits that will have you addicted to his music. His music is available via Bandcamp. For more information on Cardiac, visit his Soundcloud page.

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