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  • Bryon Harris

Chris Ruediger – ‘One Way Ticket’

Chris Ruediger is a bold pop country artist on the rise out of Concord, MA. The aspiring 18-year-old released his debut single “Summertime Story” in March of this year, receiving much praise and radio play. Although his passion lies with pop and pop-country, Chris includes a diverse lit of influences in his music. He released his debut EP titled “Secrets” on June 1st. Off this project, his song “One Way Ticket” perfectly showcases his young talent.

The song starts with high energy kicking off with a melodic guitar line accompanied by pulsing bass and kick drums. After a brief introduction, Chris enters for the first verse singing, “Stereo up loud, you spinning around/You arms wrapped in mine/Pulling you closer, when the party was over/I just couldn’t say goodnight,” showing off his impeccable tone. As he sings through the melodic lines of the verse, you can hear the country influence in his voice.

“One Way Ticket” is about a musician thinking back on his relationship with a girl that has moved on to another man. He didn’t give her the time before because he was so focused on his music and now he can’t stop thinking about her. The arrangement opens up as it transitions into the pre-chorus and builds up towards the chorus. With an epic drum fill, Chris enters the chorus singing, “You’re a little crazy, maybe /but hey/You're everything that I like/I’m not waiting/I’m gonna come chasing/I know the time is right,” giving you everything you want in a pop hook, leaving you with a memorable musical experience and an artist that you will not forget.

With youth on his side, Chris Ruediger has both the drive and superior talent to make a name for himself with strong hits like “One Way Ticket.” This is just one of his catchy tunes from his debut EP “Secrets.” His music is available for fans via iTunes. For more information on Chris, visit his website and be sure to check out his debut music video!

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