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  • Bryon Harris

Peninsula – ‘Flowers’

Peninsula is an indie rock band with a unique sound to fall in love with. The group features Rosalie Eva on vocals, bass and keys; Javier Arizpe on vocals and lead guitar; and Ivan Medrano on drums. They have lyrics in both English and Spanish as a nod to their international roots. The group is known for their captivating and intimate live shows. Their song “Flowers” from their album 'Balance' is a great way to introduce yourself to their one-of-a-kind sound and experience.

"Flowers" begins with the entrance of a haunting rhythmic guitar progression later accompanied by an engaging bass line and steady percussion. The brief yet effective intro does well to set the mood, entrancing listeners before the the vocals for the first verse. Rosalie sings, “Walk, walk this way /Take my hand /You will understand /See what I see /There's a side /of me you haven't seen,” through beautiful, interesting and artistic melodic lines that showcase her pristine vocal tone.

“Flowers” is about allowing yourself to connect and be vulnerable with someone else, yet at the same time feeling free to be yourself. The verses move seamlessly into the hook of the song as we are greeted by the entrance of percussion. In the hook they sing, “And the flowers in your hair /Parallel the color in your eyes /and I'm not afraid to stare /Put your moon boots on /and come with me,” showing off the glistening higher register of Rosalie's voice. After the chorus ends, the arrangement continues to build with accents from a synth creating a nice progression towards the next section of the song. Ending with a killer instrumental section, “Flowers” is sure to keep you engaged throughout the entirety of the song. Peninsula has released a new video for their song "Marvel." This video was filmed live inside Las Grutas de Garcia in Nuevo León, México. The video presents another example of Peninsula's haunting melodic sensibilities, instrumental artistry and poetic poignancy. The song "Marvel" displays their ability to apply just the right instrumental nuance with subtle accents and phrases on both guitar and percussion beautifully complimenting Rosalie's vocals.

Peninsula brings a stellar music experience with their unique sound and undeniable talent as songwriters and musicians. “Flowers” is just one of their top-notch tracks from their album 'Balance'. Their music is available for purchase via Bandcamp. With more to come, keep an eye out for new releases and information on the band on their website.

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