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  • Bryon Harris

Soles Of Passion – ‘Land Of The Big Blue Sun’

Soles of Passion are a stand-out country rock band. The group features Myla Snow on vocals, Steven Wolfe on bass and guitars, Brittney Cotto on violin, and Keith Senior keys & drums. Soles Of Passion focus their music with a passion for helping Americans by supporting victims of foreclosure, veterans and less taxation. Their song “Land Of The Big Blue Sun,” the title track of their project due for September release, is a great way to introduce yourself to their sound.

Kicking off, the song begins with light percussion accompanied by a twangy, bluesy guitar riff. The music sways nicely. This then leads into a jamming arrangement with a melodic violin solo, keeping listeners entranced from the start. After this compelling intro, the first verse begins with Myla singing, “I Can See That You Still Confused/Don’t Really Know How To Beat Your Blues/Lift It Up, Put It Right Back Down/And Watch The Wheel Turn Round And Round,” showing off her bright vocals.”

Land Of The Big Blue Sun” is a metaphor for a place we’d all like to live. A place far removed from the stress and negativity we all face daily. Reaching the chorus they sing, “Kids Don’t Hurry And Mom’s Don’t Worry/Nobody’s Hungry, And Folks Smile Boldly/I Hope You’ll Show It, When It Comes Down To It/In The Land Of The Big Blue Sun,” depicting a worry free lifestyle through high and low melodies.

In Land Of The Big Blue Sun, familiar feeling melodies paired with stellar instrumentals make for a wonderful musical experience. Soles Of Passion deliver top quality music with a professional sound that country-rock fans will connect with. Their song, “Land Of The Big Blue Sun” is just one track to love off their upcoming release. Keep an eye out for it on all digital stores. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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