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  • Bryon Harris

Jason Gisser – ‘The River’

The Jason Gisser Band is a soul rock group that formed in the late summer of 2014. The band is comprised of Jason Gisser on acoustic guitar and vocals, Andre Fennell on bass, Big Thurrsty on dums, and Tom Forst on lead guitar. After releasing their first album titled, “In The Garden of Crows,” the group developed a large fan-base playing large-scale venues like The Chance Theater, The Paramount Theater, Mexicali Live, Daryl's House, The Falcon, The Town Crier, and many more. Now getting ready to release a new album, their single “The River” is a shining example of why they are on the rise.

"The River" starts off with a lush acoustic guitar progression that is accompanied by a melodic lead guitar line,an engaging bass part and soft percussion. The captivating arrangement leads into the first hook. The vocal commence. “Oh Darling,

come with me/the carnival is in town/there are rides and there's a circus/and lord there are plenty of clowns.” Jason presents a powerful, soulful voice singing through the heartfelt melodies with raw emotion. “The River” is a song about how strong your love for someone can be and how short life really is. It sends the message that love can go on long after someone is gone. With poetic verses, the lyrics embody the theme with moving lines like, “and I will lay you down by the river/and we can listen to the carnival show/and dream of the moment I met you/to the moment we both have to go.” Alongside beautiful lyrics and expressive vocals, there are killer instrumental sections and solos that make this song, and The Jason Gisser Band, unforgettable.

The Jason Gisser Band is a band to watch for with their unforgettable sound and heartfelt tunes. Their new track “The River” is just a teaser of what's to come. For more information on the band, or to purchase their music, visit their website.

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