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  • Bryon Harris

Andre Blaack – ‘Ain’t Me ft. HumbleMe'

Andre Blaack is an up and coming hip hop artist with a fresh style. BLAACK was born Andre Williams, Jr., the oldest of seven children. He spent much of his childhood in Alaska and to escape the streets, he joined the military where he served in Afghanistan. When BLAACK started off his music career, he wanted to create a name that was meaningful to him. In Georgia, while living on “Blaack Bottom Street,” he had lost his mother, grandmother, and younger brother. His name was chosen in honor and remembrance of his family. Bringing real life topics and experiences into his music, BLAACK hopes to inspire people.His song “Ain’t Me” from his 'Glass House' EP is a great example of his work.

​​"Ain't Me" begins with a distorted sample soon joined by a catchy bass line and simple percussion. BLAACK starts with an intro section singing, “Shawty Why u over there /looking at me /looking like you want to do something/like what it's

gone be,” showing off his smooth flow and addictive vocal lines. Throughout the intro, the production continues to build up adding extra elements to the arrangement and kicking up the beat.

For the first verse BLAACK switches from his more melodic style to a more rhythmic flow. His lyrics and style can appeal to all ages with a sound that is very dynamic. “Ain’t Me” was inspired by divorce. BLAACK wrote the song to speak about what divorce does to families. It was made to encourage faithfulness during marriage. In the chorus he sings, “It's OK girl leave you standing here by yourself said you looking for man that I love you/well you better look somewhere else /cause it ain't me/Ain't me /Ain't me /ain't me /ain't me.” "Ain't me" hits high marks for being club and radio-ready. And, while you're at the club, the song will remind you of what you have back home. With a catchy beat and memorable vocal melodies, “Ain’t Me” is sure to be a crowd favorite. BLAACK shows big potential to have a long successful career with his modern, addictive sound. “Ain’t Me” is just one track you have to look forwards to on Glass House. BLAACK's music will be available for purchase Oct. 7th via all online stores. For more information, visit his website.

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