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  • Bryon Harris

Deborah Henriksson - 'Near and Far'

Fans of Folk, Celtic and World will be inspired, moved and excited about Deborah Henriksson’s new album ‘Near and Far’ (Bongo Boy Records). Based in Sweden, the American born singer-songwriter presents ten stunning tracks that explores themes like time and healing, love and friendship, beauty and nature. From organic acoustic and world instrumentation to lush, full-scale synth orchestration, Deborah Heniksson sings above the ethereal arrangements offering a beautiful vocal performance that is pure and beautiful, graceful and heartfelt against Enya like musical landscapes sparkled with delicate instrumental nuance.

Opening the album is the song “Face Your Fears.” Commencing with a crystal clear, acoustic mix of guitar and percussion and added synth ambiance, Deborah enters with a pure and clear vocal tone. “Sing a song, a song of days gone.” The song explores new beginnings while softly walking on the shores of time. The verses build nicely to the strong chorus which will lift you up. “Face your fears, seek new beginnings and you’ll see…”

The second song on the album is “Breakers Roar.” The introduction to this song is lovely and rhythmic as a melodic line dances in 6/8 time. A high pitched flute-like instrument enters above the mix to complete the charming Celtic sound. The lyrics are moving. “Surely you hear the Breaker’s Roar over the rocks of time. Surely you taste the salty spray, the tears left behind.” Surely, "Breakers Roar" will pull your Celtic heart-strings. Deborah’s voice, as always, is clear and forward with excellent diction enabling you to hear every poetic word.

Continuing the journey, the theme of time is revisited on the third track, “In Time.” This song has a great acoustic flavor with electric guitar rhythms and a nice flowing acoustic strumming pattern. “Thru the Leaves” in up next. A gorgeous violin and harp set the mellow tone as the two instruments start the song in a world flavored duet. As the arrangement develops, a strong downbeat enhances the feeling of walking through the leaves. This song showcases Deborah’s powerful range and ability to sing long flowing melodic phrases. A Celtic flute cuts through like a small bird delicately flying above the colorful musical leaves.

Another acoustic song to fall in love with is “Wildfire,” track 5 on the album. Fans of Loreena McKennitt, will absolutely love Wildfire with its mysterious, organic instrumentation and ancient Celtic overtones. On track 6, “Share This Moment” is a love ballad in which Deborah takes center stage as she invites you to share the moment with her.

Track 7, “Shine” is upbeat and uplifting as Deborah sings about your inner spirit rising like sunbeams. Her voice is shines through like the light. Track 8 is “Whisper,” a gentle and romantic ballad. The song opens with the chorus, “Soft morning light. Here we are, near and far, Raindrops fall. Gently call. We whisper.” “Whisper” is about a relationship that has come far. There’s a nice electric guitar solo that tastefully plays the melody.

“Summer Road” kicks off with a catchy, country love-song vibe. “I’m free and I’m falling. Yes I’m free falling for you. Inside, I’m free and I’m falling….for you.” The arrangement is simple, guitar and percussion. The song demonstrates Deborah’s ability to sing in many styles including folk songs that have a pop and country flavor. The album ends with “Wide Open.” "Wide Open" drives forward with a nice pulse. A solid beat and rhythm guitar are at the foundation as various instruments, including piano, sparkle upon the landscape with delicate phrases.

In 'Near and Far,' Deborah Henriksson brings you "near" with a delicate, beautiful and inviting vocal performance and she takes you "far" with the colors and textures of Folk, Celtic and World for a truly moving musical expereince. For more information about Deborah Henriksson, please visit Bongo Boy Records.

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