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  • Bryon Harris

Analog Heart – ‘Not Good Enough’

Analog Heart is a powerful rock/pop group ready to take New England, maybe even the world, by storm. Starting off in 2012, the band released their debut self-titled EP which grounded them as a steady feature in the New England Scene. By 2016, they released their first full-length album titled ‘Sun Here I Come’ along with an array of videos and live performances that garnered them a large following. Now revamped with new members, the band is returning with a whole new energy. Their newest single “Not Good Enough” is sure to blow you away and show you what all the buzz is about.

"Not Good Enough" kicks off with light percussion accompanied by a bouncy guitar riff and a smooth bass line. The intro continues to build as Liz enters with vocalizes enhancing the arrangement. Her smooth vocal line then leads into the start of the first hook singing, “Not good enough for my love.” Right at this moment, Analog Heart wins you over with their killer, melodic vocal melodies. Paired with stunning harmonies, Analog Heart will have you jamming from start to finish.

During the first chorus, the instrumental arrangement is still building helping to progress the song further. Soon the song drops into a great groove with Liz taking lead for the first half of the verse and Guy taking over for the second half to bring us around to the next hook. Analog Heart wrote this song as a simple tribute to all those who have loved someone that was not good enough for them. “Not Good Enough” is a beyond great track from the stellar instrumental arrangement to the incredible vocal lines. Analog Heart is certainly good enough to continue rising in popularity as they deliver a highly professional sound and quality songs that people can relate to. Their music and more information is available on their website.

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