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  • Bryon Harris

Trey Connor – ‘Hold On’

Trey Connor is an emerging singer-songwriter with a vocally driven sound combining elements of acoustic and pop/rock. Starting at the age of 13, Trey began performing around Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor and Toledo. In 2015 Trey was honored to be noticed by the celebrity judges of The Voice television series, receiving an invitation to audition. His song “Hold On” from his project 'While Everything Is Now 'is a shining example of his talent.

"Hold On" kicks off with ambient guitar playing in the background soon joined by strumming guitar as we are led into the first verse. The short yet effective intro starts the song with high energy that gets listeners excited for the tune. Trey enters singing, “When all is said and done my friend/I promise you it’s not the end at all/At all.” Trey presents top-notch vocals with a strong vocal forward mix. The song continues to build energy as the pre-chorus leads us into the hook

“Hold On” is all about living life in the moment and doing what makes you happy. The chorus is not something you will forget. Creating a climactic moment, Trey sings “We’ve got a hold on this town/We’ve got a hold on for now/And we’ve gotta hold on while everything is now.” The explosive track paired with powerhouse vocals and unforgettable melodies creates a highly remarkable and impressive music experience. “Hold On” is a killer pop/rock anthem proving Trey Connor’s growing talent as a songwriter, singer and performer.

Trey Connor undoubtedly has potential to make a big career in music. His song “Hold On” is just one great track off of his album 'While Everything Is Now.' The EP is available for purchase on iTunes. For more information on Trey, visit his website.

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