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  • Bryon Harris

The Ormewoods – ‘Hey Babe’

Hailing from Atlanta, The OrmeWoods are a folk rock group you will not want to miss out on. After almost 15 years of separate careers, Don McCollister and Claire Pearson joined forces and formed The Ormewoods. Combining their talents, Don being a two-time Grammy winning audio engineer and Claire being an indie radio hit, the duo has created a sound that fans are raging over. Their tune “Hey Babe” off of their album 'The Bedroom Sessions' is a stand-out display of their talent.

The song begins with some engaging hand percussion to count us in. The percussion is then joined by the soft strumming of acoustic guitar leading into the first vocal section of the song. Claire enters singing, “Hey babe/I think I love you/but it's probably too soon to say,” displaying a crystal clear vocal mix that showcases her immaculate tone quality that is sure to have fans swooning. After the hook, the song progresses into the first verse.

“Hey Babe” is a song about the relationship between Don and Claire and how they circled back to each other after exploring their own paths. At the start of the first verse Claire sings, “I don’t have a ball or chain/I can’t be tied up again /but you can have a secret piece of me/(one that no ones seen),” giving us an intimate and emotional page from their storybook. Leading into the next hook Claire is accompanied by Don; together they create lush harmonies that fans will love.

The Ormewoods take two powerhouse musicians and brings them together for an insatiable sound that anybody can get hooked on. Their song “Hey Babe” is just one sweet example of their infectious tunes. Fans can get a free music download by following their newsletter on their website, or their music is available for purchase via iTunes. or visit their website.

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