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  • Bryon Harris

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes – ‘We Will All Die Together’

Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes are an indie-folk band out of the East Coast. Gracing the scene since 2011 with high energy tunes, the group is composed of Scott Wolfson on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt Laurita on lead guitar, Skyler Bode on piano, Mike Bell on mandolin and Chris Kelly on drums. Their track “We Will All Die Together” from their album ‘Welcoming the Flood’ will introduce you to their sound and leave you loving their music.

Starting off the song, drums roll us in to the meat of the introduction as we are swept away with melodic string melodies, rhythmic strumming, accents from piano and a steady bass line. Right from the get-go, the compelling instrumental arrangement makes for an unforgettable start to this musical experience. Transitioning to the first verse, they sing, “Tall tall ships/And taller whips/Chains dividing one by one,” showing off a crisp vocal tone as they sing through beautifully melodic lines and poetic words. “We Will all Die together” is taken from an old story about a revolt on a slave ship crossing the Atlantic during a hurricane. Throughout the song, Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes paint vivid images. Reaching the chorus they sing, “We will all die together/Drowned as one we shall fall/We will all die together/As we sink down to the bottom of it all.” The moving lyrics come from a place in history that sailed the rocky seas of human oppression. The lyrics will resonate deeply in our current political climate. The ending of the song is particularity poignant as it fades out in a chant repeating the phrase "we will all die together" against light percussion resounding with the message that we all live and die together. "We Will Die Together” is an outstanding testament to Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes ability as songwriters and musicians. As seasoned artists, it comes as no surprise that Scott Wolfson and Other Heroes bring top-of-the-line songs like “We Will All Die Together,” that sing about our past while making us think about who we are now. This is just one great track from their album ‘Welcoming The Flood.’ Their music is available for purchase via all major digital music retailers. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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