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  • Bryon Harris

Kim Smith - 'Thunder Run'

Kim Smith is a prolific songwriter, singer and guitarist based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. As a teenager, Kim traveled extensively and her adventures formed her lifelong passion for writing and performing music. Kim has been described as a “raw rocker,” the "female version of AC/DC" and fans of artists like Joan Jett and Patti Smith will dig her authentic sound.

The title-track single “Thunder Run” is a great way to introduce yourself to Kim's style. The song opens with a melodic, bluesy guitar riff. Drums join in with a steady rock beat and crunchy, distorted rhythm guitar is added for a sound that is lo-fi and thick. Kim opens the first verse with vocals that are gutsy and untamed, edgy.

The chorus, “Thumpin’ that Harley/Thunder run/Thumpin’ that Harley /Highway gun” is catchy and spirited. Mid-way, Kim takes a solo on wailing electric guitar which rises well above the mix. The song, which talks about hitting the road on a Harley is completed with revved up engine sounds.

“Thunder Run” is a tribute song that Kim wrote for a friend named Dale who passed away in 2011. In the first verse, Kim sings "Highway spirit / wild soul Shinin’ down on me/ Chrome heart smile of gold." The video below features the song along with Dale’s mother and brothers.

In "Thunder Run" Kim shows her skills as a guitarist, singer and writer who knows how to hit the pavement hard and keep the rock motors running. Her raspy and gritty singing will appeal to rockers who like it husky, raw and real. For more information on Kim Smith, visit her website.

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