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  • Bryon Harris

Trace of Lime – ‘Honey’

Trace of Lime is a pirate rock and roll/indie rock band out of Detroit, Michigan. The group features, Jordan Karam on guitar and vocals, Dillon Murray on bass, Jack Pobe on drums and vocals and Jordan Schulte on Guitar. The band formed in high-school and have been working as full time musicians since crafting their sound. Their song “Honey” from their album 'Lost in the Zoo' is a great way to introduce yourself to their sound.

"Honey" kicks off with an upbeat, melodic guitar riff that is shortly greeted by accents from bass and drums before dropping into a nice light groove. Trace of Lime creates a truly engaging arrangement with multiple melodic moving parts that fit together seamlessly to create an exciting tune. Entering the first verse they sing, “Honey, honey /how can this be?/I never thought I'd see the day /that you'd do this to me/but its happening/You can call it how you see/but I'm still stuck in a place that I can't believe,” showing off bright, forward vocals. In addition, unique rhythmic melodies give Trace of Lime a distinct indie sound and style.

“Honey” is all about fighting back temptation, knowing that something isn’t good for you but wanting to keep going back. As the feel-good vibes drive you into the chorus they sing, “Its time I got a move on/You know I've had my fun and I'm so glad to meet you/but I gotta follow the sun/So I should be on my way,” creating an exciting moment in the song and a memorable music experience. Mid-way, there is a section where Jordan Karam vocals turn to semi-speaking and he says, "Have a taste its oh so sweet, you can have some more if you'd like." Moments like this show that Trace of Lime knows how to have fun and they aren't afraid to experiment with different sounds and ideas. Instrumental interludes add a bit of grunge texture to the song's overall flow.

It's not too late to pick your favorite summer band and after listening to "Honey," Trace of Lime is sure to become one of your favorites this summer, and year 'round, with great tunes like “Honey.” This track will leave you wanting more of the groups unique music. Their songs are available for purchase as well as more information on the group via their website.

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