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  • Bryon Harris

Lazy Sunday – ‘ Middleman’

Lazy Sunday is an outstanding indie-rock band out of Louisville, Kentucky. The group was formed by songwriter Sam Filatreau and guitarist Anthony Keenan later adding Leo Klarer on bass and Jason Owen on drums. Since, the group has been crafting their sound and working their way into the east coast scene working with bands like John Butler Trio, Post Animal, Mo Lowda, the Humble and The Nude Party. The title track of their recently released 'Middleman' EP is the perfect introduction to their sound.

The drums kick off the song followed by the entrance of a melodic lead guitar accompanied by harmonic backing guitar. The quartet creates an exciting arrangement that engages listeners right from the beginning. The intro leads seamlessly into the verse as the vocals enter singing, “I see you/you're looking for the stars/you're looking for a place that you'll call home,” showing off their mellow timbre. “Middleman” is full of memorable melodies paired with poetic lyrics that will have listeners hooked on the musical experience created by Lazy Sunday. The chorus is a shining moment of the song switching to smoother groove as they sing, “If you call me your middle man/taste it all give this a try /It will make you feel much better and/It will make you feel so high/gonna make you feel so” with accents of background vocals. The song continues to build throughout the second verse as the song progresses towards an instrumental section with ambient guitar solos.

“Middleman” is sure to have you hooked on their sound making it the perfect titled track for the EP. Filled with nuance, artistic expression and deep lyrics open for interpretation, Lazy Sunday proves that they are a band to keep an eye out for with a desirable sound and unforgettable tunes. Their Middleman EP gives you a few songs to whet your appetite for their up coming music. Their songs are available on iTunes, Amazon music, and Spotify. For more information, visit their website.

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