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  • Bryon Harris

Coastal Club – ‘Shake You’

Coastal Club is an indie rock band hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. The group is comprised of members Alex Hirlinger (guitar, lead vocals, synth), Alex Mobley (guitar, synth), Avery Benter (bass, vocals) and David McGuire (drums). Coastal Club formed on the premise of blending modern indie rock with elements of pop and surf. Off of their self-titled album, their song “Shake You” is a great way to introduce yourself to their hip sound.

"Shake You" begins with a soft synth that slowly fades in accompanied by an energetic, fun guitar progression. Building up, the guitar is soon joined by upbeat drums as the intro continues to grow into a full arrangement with a stellar groove. As the arrangement eases back, the vocals enter for the first verse singing, “Inside a dark and anxious room/I met my love for the first time/We'd throw on records and we'd dance/And we would meet there every night,” displaying a pure, smooth timbre on a voice that everyone can enjoy.

The melodies are addictive and entrancing pulling you into the song and getting you addicted to their sound. “Shake You” has an engaging arrangement that keeps listeners entertained through each transition to every part of the song. The song speaks about the human side of addiction to things that are destructive, specifically the addiction and ill effects of pornograhpy. Transitioning into the chorus, they sing, “You are a one hit wonder/I couldn't shake you/You are the spell I'm under/I couldn't shake you. With unforgettable and thoughtful lyrics, infectious melodies and jamming instrumentals “Shake You” is bound to shake you up and stick with you. Coastal Club delivers a stellar, unique sound making them a band to keep an eye on. “Shake You" is just one amazing track off of their self-titled album. Their music is available for purchase via all major streaming platforms and digital music retailers. For more information on the band, visit their website.

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