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  • Bryon Harris

Run & Hide – ‘High Road'

Run & Hide is an up and coming rock group you won’t want to miss out on. With a nostalgic sound, the band is sure to appeal to lovers of rock. Just recently, they released their debut single, “High Road.” This is a sneak peek into their up coming EP titled Wherever You Are.

Right from the start, the song kicks off with intensity and energy. A catchy riff, sharp and melodic guitar riff accompanied by accents from the drums and bass lead us in. At the end of the guitar's melodic intro, the band breaks down into a rocking groove leading into the first verse.

The vocals enter singing, “Been Lost/Can't be Found/A'int never been/Safe and sound,” showcasing a smooth vocal tone. With each soulful section of the verse leading up to the chorus, the instrumental arrangement builds up creating a nice progression towards the chorus. There's a nice blues edge to the music and lyrics. Lead crunchy and bluesy guitar motifs echoes throughout.

“High Road” is a song about trying to reach the higher road in any situation. In the simple, memorable chorus they repeat, “Searching for the high road.” After the chorus, the song switches into an instrumental break where the group shows off their prowess with wailing solos keeping listeners glued to their speakers. With poetic lyrics and unforgettable melodies, “High Road” is a great introduction tune for Run & Hide.

Run & Hide show great promise for a freshly started band showcasing intensity, energy and a great sense of melodic structure in both their instrumental and vocal phrasings. “High Road” leaves you in anticipation for the new songs to come off of their debut EP 'Wherever You Are.' Their music will be available for purchase via iTunes. For more information and to keep up with the band, visit their website.

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