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  • Bryon Harris

Freerunner – ‘You Gotta Move’

Freerunner is a rock group formed by songwriters Todd Siff and Matt Live. They are currently touring the US promoting their new album, 'The Logic We Don’t Understand,' produced by Keith Gary who has worked with Coldplay, Ben Folds and The Kooks. Freerunner strives to create a memorable music experience that connects with their fans and new audiences who often sing and dance along to their groove-based tunes. Their track, “You Gotta Move,” showcases their top-notch sound and will have you addicted to their music.

​​Leading in with a drum roll, the song starts with a grooving synth progression accompanied by an equally grooving beat and additional production. Right from the start, the arrangement gives off upbeat vibes that make you want to get moving.

Entering the first verse with a bright, pop tone they sing “You gotta move; can you feel it?/If you’re in the mood, best believe it/there’s something going on deep inside your soul.” The lyrics present a light edge, in contrast to so much of the news we experience on a day to day basis, providing a fresh air vibe.

The verse picks up pace as the song builds towards the chorus with vocal flourishes that keep the song interesting and progressing forward. Before switching up into the chorus, there is a brief instrumental interlude allowing for a smooth transition. “You Gotta Move” is all about acting positively and trying to create a better world. Freerunner wants this song to be a reminder that even with the darkness in the world, positive action can help us move forward. Entering the chorus, they sing, “They say we’re lost but we’re not blind/all we need’s a little time/to get us moving at the right speed.” “You Gotta Move” is undoubtedly a catchy tune that you won’t forget any time soon.

Below is a live video of the band:

Freerunner is a killer group with an unique, addictive sound that is sure to get you in a positive mood. “You Gotta Move” is just one of many tracks to love off their new album 'The Logic We Don’t Understand.' Their music is available for purchase via all major digital music retailers. For more information on the band and their releases, visit their website.

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