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  • Bryon Harris

Blaze The Fireman – ‘For The Gold’

Blaze The Fireman is an undoubtedly talented hip-hop/rap artist out of Toronto, ON. An accomplished artist, Blaze has been rapping for 11 years and has experienced both the positive and negative aspects of life,“I live in a neighborhood within a community that sparks fire every corner you past. Most of the time it’s violent, sometimes it’s peaceful but it’s always home.” Previously performing in multiple rap groups, Blaze found he works best when he is solo. He has performed at the HardRock Café, Poor Alex Theatre and performed alongside 2 time Juno Award winner "Liberty Silver.” His track “For The Gold” is the perfect example of his skill and talent as an artist.

​​The track begins with ambient production as Blaze beings to hype up the track. After a brief intro, the drum beat and bass drum drop in and Blaze lets go. From the moment the beat drops and Blaze begins rapping, you are immediately entranced by the music.

With an elite flow, killer sound and poetic lyrics Blaze enters rapping, “All ever wanted was a chain with a big face/Every time when it moves never lose weight/In a space where the light hits it both ways /Some days you can’t help turning sideways.” The production progresses with the perfect tweaks to match Blaze’s rhythm.

Check out the video of "For The Gold" below:

“For The Gold” is a song about striving to reach your best no matter how hard things get and never settling for less which is exactly what Blaze does with his music. Entering the chorus, the first section acts as a build up to the main part of the hook where he raps, “Came for the gold, yea I came for the gold, man I came for the gold, we all want gold/Yea my n***** want gold, we were raised so bold /Forget rose gold, I want a champions throne/Man I came for the gold, came for the gold/Yea my N***** want gold.” Blaze has a lyrical flow that is to be envied by other rappers and “For The Gold” showcases just why it would be no surprise to see him blow up big time.

Blaze The Fireman is an artist that you will want to make sure to hear for yourself. With tracks like “For The Gold” Blaze is sure to amass quite the following. His music is soon to be available on Spotify. For more Blaze, visit his youtube page.

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