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  • Bryon Harris

The Spins – ‘Where I’ve Been’

The Spins are an indie/alt rock group out of Northern New Jersey. Their sound has quickly garnered them a large regional following. The band is formed from Nick Coombs (rhythm guitar, vocals), Freddy Smith (drums), Luke Talmadge (bass) and Jimmy Barr (lead guitar). The Spins dropped their debut EP titled' Tank’d' in June, 2017. From that album, their single “Where I’ve Been” is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the sound that locals have been raving about.

Starting off, "Where I've Been" begins with a beautiful, melodic electric guitar progression that leads off the engaging intro. This solo gives the song a mellow mood before they enter singing, “Why are you so far away? Why are you so far away? I'll tell you why, I'll tell you why, it's me ,it's me, it's me, wanna tell you why it's me oh don't tell me.” The vocals have a soft, calming timbre that blends smoothly and perfectly with the dynamic of the guitar.

As we enter the first chorus, the arrangement brightens up nicely with the entrance of drums for a change-up from melodic guitar to rhythmic strumming. “Where I’ve Been” gives messages about stress, love and dealing with distance. In the chorus they enter singing, “Darling now I know / You've been wondering where I've been/ I don't know where I've been but I know where, I should have been: In your arms, just take the hurt away.” The lyrics are universal, honest and genuine yielding the ability to connect well with listeners. With addictive and memorable melodies the chorus adds nice momentum to the song as it continues to build. The band shows off their instrumental prowess in later sections as the song offers entrancing instrumental breaks and wavy guitar solos keeping the presentation interesting with different textures. Check out the video of The Spins below:

The Spins have a top-quality sound with memorable tunes that make for a music experience you will not soon forget. “Where I’ve Been” is just one of their amazing tracks off their debut EP 'Tank’d.' For more information on the band, or to purchase their music visit their web-page.

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