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  • Bryon Harris

Rayed R – ‘24/7’

Rayed R is an up and coming hip hop artist out of Huntsville, Alabama. His sound has garnered him a lot of attention gaining fans from cities around the country. His latest mixtapes titled In 'Due Time' and 'The Real Quarter 6ix' have helped him to establish his sound and build a solid fan base. Continuing his passion, Rayed R is working on releasing more tracks to build his reputation. One of his latest singles titled "24/7" is a stand-out example of his talent and appeal.

"24/7" starts with a mellow and laidback production. The track starts wtih layers of melodic synths and a droning sub bass. After the producer tag, the beat drops in and we hear a distorted version of the chorus - Rayed R has a filter on his voice as the track continues to build up.

The production gives Rayed a nice hard sound along with a top quality mix allowing him to perform at the level of other top artists in the scene. After the filter comes off, he comes in rapping, “Count up the ends. We tryna get it again/Watch me go 0 to 10. We setting trends /Why these n**** gone pretend, like we aint tryna get the wins./(2x) We Working all 365. Staying up 24/7.” The hook has an undeniably catchy flow that will that you will want to jam out to over and over.

“24/7” is about the constant grind and work that Rayed has put into his passion and the work shows. Entering the first verse, Rayed showcases his skill with clever lines while switching up flows to show his versatility as a rapper. Rayed has an addictive sound that fits in well with the current hip hop climate making it easy to add him to your current playlist. Rayed R is a promising artist on the rise with a strong drive and passion to make things happen. “24/7” is just one of his tracks that you will get hooked on along with his previous two mixtapes. His music is available for purchase via iTunes. For more information on Rayed, please visit his website.

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