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  • Bryon Harris

Lemon Cash – ‘Turn It Up’

Lemon cash is an indie/groove pop group with a stellar sound. The band is composed of Jeff Armstrong (rhythm guitar), Cory Papineau (vocals), Jeff Papineau (drums), Zack Robillard (bass) and Stefano Provenzano (lead guitar). The dynamic group formed in 2014 before releasing their debut EP. Each member brings their own stylistic influences from hip-hop to rock. Their song, “Turn it Up” from their self-titled project is the perfect way to get acquainted with their fresh sound

"Turn it Up" kicks off with an energetic drum beat that is soon joined by a melodic electric guitar line that leads in the rest of the arrangement. With the addition of bass and layers of guitar, the instrumentals create an addictive sound that you can jam to right from the start. The instrumentals cut back entering the first verse with the lyrics, “I’ve been to hell and back a couple of times, so I know where I stand/It’s in my blood/I’ve seen the ocean painted some shades of red, so I know where I stand." Cory Papineau displays a crystal clear vocal mix with a pure, bright, timbre. “Turn It Up” is about finding the strength and courage to stand up for yourself and speak for what you think is right. During the chorus they sing, “Turn it up/You sold your soul, they bought it/Turn it up/My life ain’t your’s, you got it?/Turn it up/Go on, empty out my pockets/Turn it up.” Great harmonious and catchy melodies make this song one that you will not soon forget soon. “Turn it Up” has everything you want in an indie pop tune - stellar instrumentals, clear vocals and a great hook for a lasting music experience.

Lemon Cash has great potential to amass a large following with their top-notch sound and hit tunes like “Turn it Up.” This was just one killer track off their self-titled album. Their music is available for purchase via iTunes and apple music. For more information on the group, visit their website.

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