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  • Bryon Harris

Troy Kaszas – ‘Keep Me From Falling’

Troy Kaszas is an outstanding pop rock artist who has been crafting his sound for years. Troy spent 14 years of his life overseas, twelve years in Seoul South Korea and two years in Saudi Arabia. Returning to the States as a high- school student, Troy embarked on a serious passion for songwriting and music. Some of the first songs for his album titled 'The Answer,' came from this time. Off this album, his song “Keep Me From Falling,” is a great introduction to his talent and sound.

​The song begins as Troy starts off with the hook of the song singing, “Keep me from falling and losing my way/Give me a sign that You're here to stay/I need You I'm lost and I am calling/Would You just keep me from myself/Keep me from,

keep me from falling” accompanied by little production that slowly builds up before dropping into the first verse. Starting off, Troy filters his voice using effects to give his voice an electronic-pop vibe that fits in perfectly with his style of production. Using this effect he starts the first verse singing, “I can't breath and I'm begging please/Would you throw me a lifeline throw me anything.

Troy wrote “Keep Me From Falling” to tell a story of struggle, It is about relationships, family and internal issues. As the song progresses he opens the filter displaying a more natural tone with a bright and strong presence. The electronic style production combined with the addictive sound of his vocals along with memorable and relatable lyrics creates a music experience that sticks with you long after the song is over.

Troy Kaszas has the potential to amass a following with his classic pop sound and powerful tunes like “Keep Me From Falling.” This was the second breakout single from his new album The Answer. His music is available for purchase via all major digital music retailers. For more information visit his website.

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