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  • Bryon Harris

Every Gamer’s Hero – ‘Chakra’

Every Gamer’s Hero is a lyrical Hip Hop artist with an addictive sound you won’t want to miss out on. EGH has spent the last few months hiding away, crafting his sound, and working on the release of singles to get his music out. Recording out of Lake Elsinore, Ca EGH collaborated with Kannibal Beats to release one of his newest singles, “Chakra.” This song is a surefire way to have you hooked on the fresh sound that is Every Gamer’s Hero.

T​​he song starts off with a quick sample of an older man saying, “You call that music?” before we are walked into the drop of the beat. Over a beat reminiscent of old-school hop-hop EGH

starts an energic, melodic scat leading into the start of the first verse of the song. Right from the start this introduction get you hooked and engaged in the music.

Starting melodically EGH raps, “Hit them with the funk and chakra/hidden in the back of the locka/headphone blast it’s an offering that I aint really trying to squander.” EGH has a smooth lyrical flow that gets you grooving to the music with unique rhythmic lines that entrance listeners.

For the duration of the song EGH goes off switching up his flow and showing his versatility as an artist. He goes from funky melodic lines to clever speedy bars that would leave the most prominent rappers in awe of his ability. “Chakra” gives a refreshing sound to the current hip-hop scene making it a song you will want to listen to on repeat.

As a newly emerging artist, Every Gamer’s Hero shows a lot of promise with his undeniable talent and fresh sound. With more singles like “Chakra” on the way it would not be surprising to see EGH blow up. This track along with his other music is available for purchase via iTunes. For information and to keep up with EGH’s releases, visit his website.

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